"Alice walks with you to the door of your internal world. She helps you go in, knows how to get you back to the door and stays with you as you explore what is hidden, safely."

— Margie Weaver
yoga instructor
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Embracing Your
True Self


Alice Meadow, M.A.
In safety, be gently guided to listen, honor and transform your relationship with your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
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Are you curious about what derails you or keeps you feeling stuck in your personal, business and other relationships?

Most people think of family, significant others, parents and business associates as their main relationships. But if we go a little deeper, how do you feel about the relationships you have with:

Your SELF     Your Body     Stress     Strong Emotions     Physical Challenges

Your Religion or Spirituality     Money     Prosperity     Success     Failure

Abundance     Past Relationships    Being and Doing
Your Larger Community

  • Alice Meadow, M.A. What impact are your relationships with any or all of the above having on you, your quality of life and physical body?
  • Are you willing to acknowledge and release your loneliness, anger, resentment, frustration…and enter into more satisfying and joyful relationships throughout your life?
  • Do you feel disconnected yet yearn for a deeper connection to all?

If so, congratulations. This is to invite you on a life changing adventure with me.

Are you ready to travel a new path with new results?

The deep wisdom and knowledge of your own body is the entrance. I’ll walk right through the door with you and be your companion and guide all along your way.

Transformation happens.

Relief happens.

Appreciation of your life and relationships happen.
Bigger connection happens.

Joy happens.

It will happen for you when you learn how to honor your Center.


You want to change and may have tried, but how is this going to be any different?

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