You are me, and I am you. Isn’t it obvious that we “inter-are”? You cultivate the flower in yourself, so that I will be beautiful. I transform the garbage in myself, so that you will not have to suffer. I support you; you support me….

— by Thich Nhat Hanh
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True Self


Alice Meadow, M.A.
In safety, be gently guided to listen, honor and transform your relationship with your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
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"Alice's work is very unique in that she engages body, emotions, mind and spirit to participate in gaining awareness and resolution of the issues that hold us back.

Her combination of methodologies is designed to engage the whole self at a very deep level without the limiting filters and logic imposed by the analytical brain. I found her approach incredibly powerful and freeing, and immediately transforming.

Alice has a gift, and I highly recommend working with her."

L. McDonald


“There are many results I have noticed since working with Alice. I feel less reactive. Being aware of Parts of myself has enabled me to honor my feelings and my sense of a situation more than in the past and identify which Part(s) they originate from. I am then able to respond from my True Self with real choice and in an appropriate manner.

After working with Alice, there is less noise in my head from the ‘internal crowd’. Less noise in my head has made less confusion and second guessing of myself. Instead, I have become calmer, have more clarity and even enjoy my life more.

An understanding of my own Parts has sometimes given me the ability to see when someone else is responding from one of their Parts. This has given me more empathy for them. Instead of reacting in kind, I have been able to choose my responses in a more authentic and helpful manner.

The Honoring Center Way process is so helpful because it bypasses the linear, logical, intellectual Part and goes, by way of noticing body sensation, directly to the emotional. I can talk my way around things. I’m not able to do that in this approach. This approach and Alice’s trustworthy, capable guidance connect me with my physical body and my emotions in the present while allowing awareness of past issues to rise to the surface and be healed.

I’m now able to access deeper truths about myself and the events that have impacted me more than I ever would even touch in a more intellectual talk approach to therapy.

This style is a good match for me. It allows me to work in the way I normally process. With the guidance of a skilled healer, I am approaching events and Parts of me that need healing using my best strengths. My work with Alice has been direct, effective and authentic.”

Katherine Johnson


“Through working with Alice in The Honoring Center Way, I discovered what I had experienced as serious bouts of indigestion, for which the doctors had no explanation, was really a Part of me which was afraid. Alice helped me relieve that fearful Part and my indigestion disappeared.”

College Professor

Ann Kerr Romberg

“Alice is an exceptional practitioner. With compassion, respect and skilled use of Internal Family System’sSM concepts, we began to talk to places (Parts) in my body that hurt, slowly beginning to hear their messages. As I came to truly value these places (Parts) and trust their messages, my physical health improved. I could ward off illness by listening to my body and working with it to stay healthy.”

Ann Kerr Romberg
Equine Guided Coaching



“I have been heard. I have been listened to. I am now able to be more comfortable in my skin. I have been wanting this for so long.

Every appointment is my time I set aside for sounding out and working with perspectives, old and new, and memories, ignored or lost to time. Through The Honoring Center Way, I have tools to empower me in my life today. With this work, currently restricting programmed beliefs, habits, feelings and ways of life can all be examined in present time.

After sessions with Alice, I always return to everyday tasks feeling I have energized and empowered my spirit to see and accept my life and the world as they are. A real sense of progress flows from this work – a greater acceptance of myself and others. If I take the time to walk it, there is a peaceful sense that the way is clear.

Through these sessions with Alice, being in prayer all the time, consciously or unconsciously, is not just an idea anymore.”

Richard Stein
IP Specialist


“I have felt a sincere caring of my spirit in Alice’s presence. I thought I had slowed down in life but soon realized I was still speeding along too fast in some areas: I was missing so much important information for myself. I have learned a whole new level of emotional presence related to the body that has catapulted me to such kindness and understanding for myself. Working together with Alice in this way is an incredible support and resource for me. I know that others around me and the rest of the world would benefit from this.”

Barbara Fedors
Coach and Beauty of the Wild Facilitator

Cari Vollmer

“Words can barely express my deep gratitude for Alice Meadow and her amazing Honoring Center Process.  Without a doubt, I credit the work I’ve done with Alice as one of the main reasons I’ve been able to break free from my suffering and create a life and business of my dreams.

A number of years ago I came to see Alice because I kept feeling very “stuck”.  You see, I had a big dream of owning my own business and although I certainly made headway everything I was doing felt very hard.  I would take a few steps forward and then a few steps back…it was hard for me to get my momentum going and see results.

A friend suggested I see Alice.  At first I was tentative.  I’ve done many, many types of personal growth work and even therapy.  It all helped but I didn’t want to get locked into a cycle of processing more of my gunk without experiencing a true release from it.

My hesitancy was quickly put to rest after one session with Alice.  First of all, I have never sat in the presence of someone who made me feel so safe, seen, heard and understood.  From the moment I met Alice I knew I was in highly-capable, wise and loving hands.

Every session I’ve had with Alice has helped me release old fears, burdens and wounds that were getting in my way of living the life I wanted to be live.  Every session has led me to more deeply understand my SELF, my gifts and my innate power to create the exact kind of life and business I want.

Many extraordinary things have happened as a result of my work with Alice.  First and foremost the relationship I have with my SELF is much kinder and gentler.  I don’t push myself as hard as I used to AND I get more done!

I’ve also noticed how much my relationships have improved.  Just like many of you reading this, I had relationships in my life that caused me pain, worry, frustration and even anger.  One step at a time Alice helped me set myself free from past wounds, many of which happened to me as a child.  With care she helped me remember and see how events in my early life kept impacting my life as an adult, but she did so in a way that I did not have to re-live or re-experience painful memories!  Because of that I’ve been able to transform my suffering into love and compassion.  I am much more present and loving with my husband and daughter.  I know the work I’ve done with Alice has impacted the world around me in very positive ways.

Today my life is so much different.  I have changed.  I feel happy, joy-filled, and much more authentic.  I feel filled up, from the inside out, with my own power and light.  I trust myself more.  I know where to draw the line AND I know when to keep asking for help.  As a result my family and relationships are thriving. My business is thriving.  And my spirit is thriving.

Here’s what I know for sure, you can heal.  You can free yourself from pain and suffering, once and for all.  You can unlock your own personal treasures and see yourself like you’ve never seen yourself (or your possibilities) before.  But, you need a guide who can go on that journey with you and I recommend Alice be that guide for you.

If you have a burning desire for freedom, happiness, self clarity, love, success, and compassion don’t worry if you don’t feel them today, take action to discover what’s standing between you and what you want.

In my personal experience I’ve never met anyone as skilled, wise, or loving as Alice.  My journey with Alice has been one of the most treasured journeys of my life.  She is a modern mystic, here on earth to help us heal, so that we may experience all the peace, richness and love life has to offer.”

Cari Vollmer
Founder, PassionIntoProfit.com


“Three years after my son died, I called Alice to help me process my grief. When I first came to see Alice, I had just found a breast lump and was quite sure it was a body reaction to grief – or a large cyst – certainly not cancer. Well, indeed, it was cancer and a particularly dangerous kind of cancer. I was grateful that we had established a therapeutic relationship as I was launched into an experience with a life-threatening illness on the heels of a major loss.

Getting in touch with my body-held feelings and beliefs became a lifeline for me. I felt resourced into my strength and belief in my own body’s ability to learn and grow from the experience I was going through. My will to live was reignited and confidence in my healing potential was reinforced.

The process itself was a gently one – which I appreciated. As an alternative health care provider, it was challenging for me to decide the course of action I would take in cancer treatment. My choices were facilitated by tuning into my own body wisdom. I was able to change my mind about chemotherapy, surgery and radiation from a poison, slash and burn mentality to a mindset of listening deeply to what my body was telling me to do – and then follow that guidance. I was able to enter into a partnership with these treatments by choice and accept them as healing allies. Not only were the treatments successful, without resistance to them, I did not suffer while I was undergoing treatment. I consider that a miracle.

I took a year off while I was going through treatments. As a single, self-employed woman, this took quite a leap of faith. I believe that our work together assisted me in stepping into a place of deep trust, and creating a turning point in my life – where my life was surrendered to a higher purpose and calling. I’ve seen changes in my relationship to work – going slower, deeper, and respecting my limits. I’ve seen changes in my relationships with my family – increased honesty and intimacy. I’ve seen changes in relationship with myself – increased self love and forgiveness. This was the beginning of the great third act of my life. I am thankful for the part Alice played in guiding me to my own truth.”

Marcie New, D.C.


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