"The door is round
and wide and open.
Don’t go back
to sleep."

— by Rumi
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Embracing Your
True Self


Alice Meadow, M.A.
In safety, be gently guided to listen, honor and transform your relationship with your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
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Services / Payment



Honoring Center Way sessions are 90 minutes of collaboration between you and me. They are a blend of mind-body practices which identify and incorporate all aspects — body, mind, emotion, spirit. These sessions can include a variety of modalities: Internal Family SystemsSM, Hakomi, visualization and energy balancing techniques along with stress reduction methods such as grounding, centering and meditation. These sessions are either in person or by phone if you live out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro areas.

Energy sessions, either hands on or off, are 60 minutes in person only. These sessions ease, soothe and nurture your body, mind, emotions and spirit. You relax on a comfortable massage table wearing your own comfortable clothing. You choose whether you want calming music, sounds of Nature or silence. I invite you to say what you are noticing and I will do the same, if you wish.

— These sessions are not in place of medical care nor do I make any diagnosis or interpretation. 

During your complimentary get acquainted phone session (20-30 minutes), we will discuss your needs, rates and payment options.


Payment may be made in person with cash or check made out to Honoring Center

You can also pay securely and instantly online via PayPal by selecting the "payment" button below. PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as electronic check transfers. There is no charge to you for signing up or for sending money via PayPal. Your credit or bank account numbers remain confidential.